Previous Experience and Skills

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Web Development

– CSS Frameworks (Bootstrap, and others)
– jQuery, AJAX and Javascript.
– PHP and PHP Frameworks (Laravel 5.*, Laravel Spark, CakePHP)
– Javascript Frameworks (Vue)
– MySQL, MariaDB
– API Integration
– Amazon Web Services

Web Design

– Photoshop, Illustrator with Graphic Design Experience
– SEO friendly design and code, complying to W3C standards.
– Bootstrap and CSS Frameworks
– Responsive design.

Server Administration

– Ubuntu, CentOS, BSD
– WHM / cPanel setup
– Apache2, NGINX
– Bind, DNS Servers, DNS load balancing and DNS proxy for international traffic redirection.
– Email Servers
— Postfix, Dovecot, SpamAssasin with ClamAV / Amavis setup.
— Spam and email identity fraud protection (DKIM, SPF and OpenSRS)
– Shell scripting, BASH
– IPTABLES, firewall configurations, ipset, blacklists
– OpenVPN, Virtual Private Networks
– Proxy and Load Balancing
– Server deployment, disaster recovery and systems hardening

Content Management Systems

– WordPress / Drupal
–Installation and Maintenance
–Securing WordPress / Drupal Installations
–Custom Theme Design or Alterations
–Custom Plugin Development
– Search Engine Optimisation
– Optimisation for loader fast times

Project Management

– Hiring on UpWork for 5+ years with good reputation and feedback.
– Manage or source programmers and other talent for your larger scale projects.

White Hat / Security Services

– Penetration Testing
— Scanning local networks and software for potential vulnerabilities,
— Remote Vulnerability Scanning.
— Find vulnerabilities in websites or servers.
– Cleaning and restoring hacked or malware infested websites.
– Restoring servers and websites after an attack.
– Consulting on I.T security matters.